Which One to Choose: IP Cameras or Analog Cameras?

When it comes to surveillance cameras, two types of cameras are always thrown around into the discussion. These are the Analog (CCTV) cameras and the IP cameras.

Both are used in surveillance but there seems to be a longstanding debate on which one you should really use.

Since IP cameras are newer, they are probably better, right? In most cases, yes, but in this case, we should not discount the use of Analog cameras.

In this article, I will talk about some points to help you decide which camera you should choose: analog or IP cameras?

First, we’ll talk about the price. CCTV cameras are much more inexpensive compared to IP cameras. That is because IP cameras are much newer and if we are going to look at the trend, the newest technologies will always have a higher price tag.

Second, the features. The Analog or CCTV cameras have simple but effective features. It can have a better tilt or swivel than IP cameras. The IP Cameras, on the other hand, might not have a good tilt or swivel but they make up for it in other features.

Some of the common IP camera features include a microphone and speaker for a two-way communication, easier to access the camera via a computer browser, much more secure data transmission compared to CCTV cameras, and a better encryption protocol.

Third. we’re going to look at are the storage options. The CCTV cameras can only store data through a NAS or a dedicated computer where all the data will be stored. This is good and all but the risk is here that the data can be readily erased or stolen.

CCTV cameras do not have built-in storage mechanisms and they only rely on the NAS to store all of the video footage.

IP cameras, on the other hand, have different storage capabilities. For one, some modern IP cameras can use microSD cards to store data. On top of that, they can also utilize an NVR or Network Video Recorder.

This is much like the ones used in CCTV cameras only that they are more flexible and offers better encryption. Some NVRs are also password-protected and it is good to keep your data safe.

Another important factor to consider is the clarity of the video. CCTV cameras, oftentimes, can only support VGA resolution. On the plus side, this only requires a little bit of storage space. On the downside, the quality and clarity of the video is not good which sometimes defeats the purpose of recording the footage.

All IP cameras, including the most inexpensive options, have better resolution videos. The standard of IP cameras today has 1080p resolution video support. This is definitely much better in terms of video clarity; the downside being that it requires much more space than the ones made by CCTV cameras.

All of the things considered, it is now up to you to decide which one you should buy. If you just want a simple surveillance camera that does not break the bank, then get an analog camera. If you want more features and you don’t mind the additional cost, then get the IP camera.

Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars is a very successful movie franchise. It is so successful that many game developers have created games to honor it.

I’ve played many different Star Wars games. From the Knights of the Old Republic to the LEGO Star Wars, I’ve never come across a game as polished as the Star Wars Battlefront.

The Star Wars Battlefront is probably the best Star Wars game ever created. The attention to detail, the crispness of the graphics, and of course, the most popular Star Wars characters are present in the game as well.

So, how popular is the Star Wars Battlefront? Well, it is so popular that EA announced it sold more than 9 million copies worldwide! That is really something to brag about as most games do not come near those sales numbers!

Star Wars Battlefront is an action game and it can either be played using a first-person or a third-person view. If you want to have an immersive experience, I suggest using the first-person view, though the third-person view allows you to see more of the battlefield.

All of the planets included in the original six movies can be traversed using a variety of space vehicles. You can go to ENdor, Tatooine, Hoth, Sullust, and many more! Moreover, you can also go to Jakku but you have to download the DLC first.

You can travel inside these planets with the use of Speederbikes and other land-based vehicles. You do have to note that the battles are restricted to just planets and you will not have any access to space. In other words, you cannot explore areas outside from the aforementioned planets.

In the game, you can customize the looks and gears of your characters. What I also love about the game is that whenever you unlock a piece of gear or a weapon, you will have the option to share it with your teammates as well. This is perfect for people who still haven’t unlocked the weapon that you do have.

As with the characters, the Star Wars Battlefront allows you to play iconic characters such as Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Prince Leia, Boba Fett, and even Emperor Palpatine!

You can even choose which side you’re going to be on. You can either choose to become a Rebel Alliance soldier or an Imperial Stormtrooper.

There are also various game modes you can choose. The most played game-mode is, of course, the multiplayer mode.

Other game modes include a Cooperative mode where people can do side quests together, but you cannot complete the campaign missions in this mode.

There is also a solo player campaign mode if you want to know more about the story of the game.

If you’re playing the console version of the game, you can have the second player help you with your campaign mode missions if you wish to do so.

Don’t worry if you play solo campaign missions as there are bots that are willing to help you complete the story.

The Star Wars Battlefront is truly a wonderful game especially for Star Wars fanatics. Be sure to get this game if you’re a bonafide Star Wars fan.

iPhone 6S

The iPhone is probably one of the most popular mobile phones on the market today. If you ask someone what an iPhone is they would always point you towards Apple’s offering.

Although iPhones are notoriously pricey, I think that it is warranted since it offers a lot of really good features such as the iOS 9, a really nice camera with a lot of features, and a lag-free experience when using the mobile phone.

So, without further ado let’s talk about the mobile phone. The design of the iPhone 6S is quite similar to that of its predecessor (the iPhone 6) with some slight variations. The iPhone 6s is a little bit slimmer and it is now made by what Apple calls the “7000 series Aluminum”.

This type of aluminum material is quite sturdier than the predecessor’s chassis. This is also because of the various reports that the previous iteration of the iPhone bends under too much pressure (which is a bad thing, by the way).

The glass of the iPhone 6S is also now reinforced. In fact, Apple states that the iPhone 6S is made of a more durable glass that can even protect it from drops and impacts. Although I wouldn’t drop a mobile phone that is pricey, it is a rather bold claim by the mobile phone company.

The display of the iPhone 6S is like a dream. The colors are so vibrant that you would think a laminated photo was put inside it. Although it does have a little bit of limitation as the mobile phone does not have a dynamic contrast ratio in that some blacks look gray. Still, the screen is vibrant and it really offers a very nice color reproduction across the board. Streaming media with the iPhone 6S will be a sure treat.

There are new technologies being introduced in Apple’s latest mobile phone offering. One of these features is called the 3D touch. Since recent iPhones have introduced the pinch to zoom feature, Apple added another functionality that allows you to “poke” into apps. This means that you can press and hold an app and it will give you a list of options that a certain app has to offer. For example, if you poke a note-taking app, it will give you the option to either create a new note or make a new sketch.

Another key feature that was added to the iPhone 6S is the inclusion of a trackpad that Apple calls the “Mighty Pad”. All you have to do is long press on any section of the onscreen keyboard and the characters will slowly fade away. You can now use the trackpad to swipe or draw things you want to convey.

In every iteration of the iPhone, Apple always includes a new chipset in their flagship mobile phones. The iPhone 6S comes with the A9 chip that is leaps and bounds better than the A8 chip. For one, it offers the best performance to battery ratio in that you will be treated to a lag-free experience while also saving up on the battery.

Last but not the least is the mobile phone’s camera. The iPhone 6S’ camera is like its predecessor but it now includes a Live Photo feature that allows you to take more photos 1.5 seconds after you’ve taken one. After that 1.5s window, the mobile phone will then create a short video out of it so you can have the best moments in your life captured by the camera. It is not a new feature in the mobile phone world, but its integration is seamless and problem-free.

The iPhone 6S is one of the most expensive mobile phones on the market today but the price to performance ratio is quite good and you will never go wrong with this mobile phone.

iOS 9

Each and every year, both Google and Apple create new operating systems for their respective platforms. Android is more open source it lets developers chime in to bring in more features for the Android platform.

But, Apple, on the other hand, has a different take in how they create their operating system. It is not open-sourced, meaning that all of the changes are made by the company themselves.

Today, we are going to talk about the iOS 9, the latest Apple operating system for their mobile phones. Each new version of the iOS brings with them major revisions and, of course, new features to the table.

One major revision of the iOS 9 is the improvement of Siri. Siri is the Apple’s virtual assistant and you can ask her anything. Apple states that Siri is now more intelligent and she is now more accurate. So accurate, in fact, that Apple said that she is now 40% more efficient than previous iOS versions.

A scenario of how intelligent Siri is in this version is when you are in a calendar app or you’re browsing a webpage. Then, tell Siri to “remind me of this”, and Siri will save the date (if you’re in the calendar app) or Siri will save the webpage (if you’re in a browser).

Siri is not the only thing that has been changed in iOS 9. There are new and improved apps that are also added with the major update in the mobile phone operating system. There is now a News app that you can add to the home screen. If you are fond of reading the news through different websites, this new News app will aggregate News from multiple sources so you now have one convenient news hub.

Save yourself some time from getting all the latest scoops in sports and business because this app will let you create your own set of categories. This is much like News360 in Android (also a news app), only better.

There is also a revision made to the Notes app. The notes app is now more intuitive and it has more functions baked in. You can now add to-do lists easily and you can also add photos, web links, and maps into your notes as well. And best of all, the new Notes app can be linked with the iCloud service so all of the saved notes, to-do lists, and many more are now saved online.

Are you fond of using Google Maps? Apple now has a Maps app of their own. It is also intuitive and depending on where you are, you can actually use the Transit view where it will show train stations, trains, subways, and buses in your location.

Learn the best possible route using the new Maps app because it is now more accurate than ever and it can even compete with Google Maps.

The iOS is the latest operating system for Apple Mobile Phones. This operating system is supported by iPhone 5s and later versions of the mobile phone.

Volumetrics Diet

If you are overweight, that is because of your unhealthy eating habits. It is as if you cannot control how much you eat and what kinds of foods you eat that lead you to become obese.

This is a major problem that a lot of people worldwide have to face. That is why, there are a lot of diets that spawned just to address the overweight issue.

volumetrics-dietingToday, we’re going to be looking at a rather unique diet. I am talking about the Volumetrics diet by Barbara Rolls PhD.

She found out that a lot of people have insatiable appetites, so why not create a diet plan that centers not on food deprivation, but just eating the right kinds of foods, even on copious amounts?

That is the premise of the Volumetrics diet. This diet allows you to eat a lot of foods until you are full, provided that they are healthy foods and not your empty calorie ones.

If you wish to follow this awesome diet plan, you need to be aware of the food categories. There are 4 food categories that the Volumetrics diet follow. These food categories are:

Category 1 includes “free” or “anytime” fruits, nonstarchy vegetables (such as broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms), and broth-based soups.

Category 2 includes reasonable portions of whole grains (such as brown rice and whole wheat pasta), lean proteins, legumes, and low-fat dairy.

Category 3 includes small portions of foods such as breads, desserts, fat-free baked snacks, cheeses, and higher-fat meats.

Category 4 includes sparing portions of fried foods, candy, cookies, nuts, and fats.

Foods under Category 1 and 2 are foods that you can indulge in. You want to eat as many of these foods until you get full. Foods under category 3 should be taken in moderation, and foods that are in the Category 4 should be considered as “Cheat day” foods only.

Volumetrics dietitians assert that people can lose as much as 1 to 2 pounds of fat per week, without ever depriving yourself of food. That is why, a lot of people are joining the bandwagon and trying this amazing diet.

I think that this is the only diet that allows you to eat generous amounts of food, provided that they are in the right categories.

So, what does the Volumetrics Diet teach us? This particular diet teaches us that we shouldn’t deprive ourselves of food. The diet also teaches us that we should eat the right kinds of foods, if we really wanted to lose weight. And Lastly, dieting should be a lifestyle, and not just a goal.

What is the difference between the two? If you treat weight loss as a goal, when you reach your desired weight, most of the time, people will resort to their old ways. If you treat weight loss as a lifestyle, you will maintain what healthy habits you’ve been doing and continue it for the rest of your life.

So, if you’re looking for a diet plan that doesn’t restrict you from eating copious amounts of food and still lose weight, the Volumetrics Diet is just right for you!

How Much Should You Pay for an R4 Card

An R4 card is a valuable tool for any gamer that loves their Nintendo DS but wants it to do more. Of course the question remains “how much should you pay for an R4 card?” There are plenty of different opinions about how much you should pay for an R4 card. Some people feel that the more you pay the better off the card should be but is that always the truth?

Do you have to pay a lot of money for an R4 card to get a card that works? That is really depending on who you are doing business with. There are some R4 cards that you can pay a lot of money for but that does not necessarily mean you are getting a better card.

Mid Range Costs

Of course you also do not want to pay for a card that is priced too low that can be a very disappointing decision because while it may seem like you are saving money in reality there is a very good chance that you are just throwing your money away.

You should be paying a fair price for a card that works. You can easily find fairly priced cards that will work exactly as promised. A mid priced card that has a strong reputation for producing what is promised can be very affordable. There is no reason to over pay for a card to get more! You can get all that you expect and then some from a mid range priced card.

Listen to the Majority of Gamers

Gamers are a great source of good solid information when it comes to which R4 cards make the best choice. Getting the best R4 card for the money. Of course you have to weed through the reviews and find the majority of positive comments to find the right card to choose. r4-3ds-dsiThere is always a few both positive and negative comments about all the cards that are out there so you will have to use your own good judgment to find the right card at the right price using gamer’s reviews.

You can easily find an affordable card that will meet both your expectations and your budget. The right card at the right price will help you to really get the most out of your DS. Don’t overspend, you can easily get a great reliable card that fits your budget!

High quality music from Beats By Dre

The Beats by Dre headphones outdo all other competitors, the likes of Sony and RXD. So, what makes this headphone gain the favor of most people?

Why so clear?

Apart from being trendy and fancy, the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones also have a technological beauty. Unlike other headphones, this masterpiece boasts a re-booted, twin-mode noise-filtering circuit. This feature ensures steady rhythm, with one setting aimed at music listening and the other at providing you with an aggressive output sound. Therefore, do not feel a pinch, or oppressed when you pocket out $245 to have such a set, since the result is indeed worthy r4 3ds.

The bass

Moreover, their threat of monopolizing the stereo industry is wanting, due to their perfect bass. These headphones have one of the best sound re-voicing, by equally pulling the bas back a bit-just a bit-because these headphones for sure sound nothing like any other prior version of the Studio. Many a times we may have used the likes of RXD and Sony stereo headphones and earphones. These may have been branded as having a dual-bass system. However, an ideal bass system is that of the Beats by Dre. The reason is that, whilst other headsets only have the bass being produced from one side, either the right or the left, the Beats Audio has bass amassing both speakers.

The midrange response

This happens to be one of its killer features. This may actually mean totally different things to different listeners. Statistics shows that as far as the vocals from the headphones are concerned, the Beats by Dr. Dre Studio does fine. The reason to this is that it has a balanced upper midrange and lower midrange, hence no biasing. For instance, the upper midrange for instance concentrates on the lower treble region, hence a smooth relaxing output.

Noise-cancelling performance

This is perhaps one of the qualities that consumers consider when selecting a sound system. The noise cancelling circuits tend to introduce an amount of hiss, which more often than not is overlooked by consumers. The set is capable of completely cancelling out noise from the exterior, no matter how loud the noise may prove to be. Moreover, the beat acoustic engine sets in when the headphones is turned on without the headphone cable plugged in. This gives the set an upper hand over other gadgets, which prove futile, in a noisy environment.

The sound quality

A headset may have all the requirements to be classified as one but all that matter, and the end determinant factor is the sound quality. Unlike other stereo, the Beats Studio doesn’t boom in the hoarse, ear-pricking manner. This is a good thing since the overall result will be a thick and pleasant sound. Electronic music does sound pretty good via the Beats Studio, since it manages to minimize the effects of the headphones’ sonic shortcomings. It would be unfair if you purchased something that in the long run I most likely to ruin you, don’t you think?


Evidently, these features make the Beats by Dr. Dre to be an exquisite invention, hence the reason as to why it is preferred by consumers to other gadgets. So, don’t hesitate to give them a shot.

HGH Supplements, what are they and what do they do?

Growth hormone (GH or HGH) is naturally produced by the body. It is primarily responsible for regeneration and cell growth. However, as we grow older its production decreases, resulting in the decreased elasticity of the skin which leads to the development of wrinkles. Through the use of HGH supplements, the natural supply of the body’s HGH is replenished, slowing down the process of aging. These supplements are very popular to people who want to look young for their age or disguise their real age.

HGH supplements are FDA approved

 As these supplements are approved by the FDA, this means they have undergone tests and are proven as safe. They are allowed to everyone of all ages and do not have any side effects. These are also effective supplements for both women and men.

HGH supplements are produced in different forms

 These are produced by various manufacturers and are available in a variety of forms such as sprays and pills as well as an injectable form. It is, however, not necessary to use the injectable form since supplements are already highly effective.

HGH supplements build lean muscle mass and reduce fat accumulation

These supplements act like no other when it comes to weight loss. They recontour the body in such a way that they melt the fat away and build muscle. While, in most diets, fat is lost together with the muscle, in HGH supplements lean muscle mass is increased, and body fat is reduced. The fat that is usually lost is the hidden belly fat which is related to heart attack risks.

HGH supplements lower blood pressure

These are improving lung and cardiac function which helps in reducing blood pressure. Thus, exercise for extended periods is possible which leads to overall fitness and weight loss. Through these supplements, diastolic blood pressure is reduced by approximately 10%.

HGH supplements improve sleep and mood

These supplements function as an antidepressant, increasing the level of B-endorphin, a neurotransmitter in the brain.  These supplements also decrease the dopamine level which is related to feelings of distress. HGH supplements basically reduce stress, build self-confidence and self-esteem, and improve concentration and focus. Sleep in its first 3 hours is associated with reduced HGH secretion in depressed individuals in contrast with non-depressed individuals. Thus, higher HGH levels result in a sounder and restful sleep.

HGH supplements improve the immune system

These supplements are recognized by doctors to be a natural, safe (without any side effects) and powerful method of repairing weakened or damaged immune systems and improving immune systems as well. They help maintain a healthy immune system through reducing every demand in the immune systems to protect the body against flu, common colds and other ailments.

More on the wonderful HCG

Popular Support for hCG

Lets take a quick look at the popular support that exists for hCG. From noted TV personalities to Youtube videos and personal testimonials, we will get to the heart of what hCG is and how it has actually influenced people’s lives.
As Seen On TV

When it comes to television, there are a lot of commercials and people trying to sell you something. So, when it comes to truthful information from an unbiased source, your best bet is to go with someone who has made a career from being objective. Dr. Oz, the personality behind the TV show is a doctor who has made it his career to help people both on and off the air. What does he think about hCG?

Doctor Oz. supports hCG, having spent significant time on his show covering the effects as well as collecting information from research performed. Having infrequently given the green thumb to dietary supplements, this can be seen as a good sign.
As Seen On YouTube

When it comes to in depth and extensive reviews, YouTube is the place to go. This is in part because people do not use the anonymity of the Internet to hide. Instead, they show themselves directly, and speak on behalf of their views, putting themselves and their credibility on the line.

The vast number of YouTube reviews for hCG have been positive, with people speaking out to the success they have had with the 500-calorie diets and hCG injections from hcgdietsblog.com
As Seen Through Testimonials

Testimonials are less trustworthy then Youtube or as seen on TV because they can be anonymous and faked. However, they have a wider range of experiences and are hence worth reviewing. As seen with Youtube, the majority of people who used hCG spoke to success. Sticking with the diet seemed to be the hardest thing for many of them to do. In addition, many of the negative reviews of the hCG diet involved people either getting counterfeit products or not being able to stick with the diet.
So, there you have it. The majority of people out there have reported success with hCG, with a vocal minority complaining about the wide number of counterfeit products out there as well as the difficulty of sticking with a diet. If you are interested in hCG, consult your doctor, and figure out if hCG is the best way for you to help yourself get into shape. Until then, good luck!