Volumetrics Diet

If you are overweight, that is because of your unhealthy eating habits. It is as if you cannot control how much you eat and what kinds of foods you eat that lead you to become obese.

This is a major problem that a lot of people worldwide have to face. That is why, there are a lot of diets that spawned just to address the overweight issue.

volumetrics-dietingToday, we’re going to be looking at a rather unique diet. I am talking about the Volumetrics diet by Barbara Rolls PhD.

She found out that a lot of people have insatiable appetites, so why not create a diet plan that centers not on food deprivation, but just eating the right kinds of foods, even on copious amounts?

That is the premise of the Volumetrics diet. This diet allows you to eat a lot of foods until you are full, provided that they are healthy foods and not your empty calorie ones.

If you wish to follow this awesome diet plan, you need to be aware of the food categories. There are 4 food categories that the Volumetrics diet follow. These food categories are:

Category 1 includes “free” or “anytime” fruits, nonstarchy vegetables (such as broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms), and broth-based soups.

Category 2 includes reasonable portions of whole grains (such as brown rice and whole wheat pasta), lean proteins, legumes, and low-fat dairy.

Category 3 includes small portions of foods such as breads, desserts, fat-free baked snacks, cheeses, and higher-fat meats.

Category 4 includes sparing portions of fried foods, candy, cookies, nuts, and fats.

Foods under Category 1 and 2 are foods that you can indulge in. You want to eat as many of these foods until you get full. Foods under category 3 should be taken in moderation, and foods that are in the Category 4 should be considered as “Cheat day” foods only.

Volumetrics dietitians assert that people can lose as much as 1 to 2 pounds of fat per week, without ever depriving yourself of food. That is why, a lot of people are joining the bandwagon and trying this amazing diet.

I think that this is the only diet that allows you to eat generous amounts of food, provided that they are in the right categories.

So, what does the Volumetrics Diet teach us? This particular diet teaches us that we shouldn’t deprive ourselves of food. The diet also teaches us that we should eat the right kinds of foods, if we really wanted to lose weight. And Lastly, dieting should be a lifestyle, and not just a goal.

What is the difference between the two? If you treat weight loss as a goal, when you reach your desired weight, most of the time, people will resort to their old ways. If you treat weight loss as a lifestyle, you will maintain what healthy habits you’ve been doing and continue it for the rest of your life.

So, if you’re looking for a diet plan that doesn’t restrict you from eating copious amounts of food and still lose weight, the Volumetrics Diet is just right for you!