More on the wonderful HCG

Popular Support for hCG

Lets take a quick look at the popular support that exists for hCG. From noted TV personalities to Youtube videos and personal testimonials, we will get to the heart of what hCG is and how it has actually influenced people’s lives.
As Seen On TV

When it comes to television, there are a lot of commercials and people trying to sell you something. So, when it comes to truthful information from an unbiased source, your best bet is to go with someone who has made a career from being objective. Dr. Oz, the personality behind the TV show is a doctor who has made it his career to help people both on and off the air. What does he think about hCG?

Doctor Oz. supports hCG, having spent significant time on his show covering the effects as well as collecting information from research performed. Having infrequently given the green thumb to dietary supplements, this can be seen as a good sign.
As Seen On YouTube

When it comes to in depth and extensive reviews, YouTube is the place to go. This is in part because people do not use the anonymity of the Internet to hide. Instead, they show themselves directly, and speak on behalf of their views, putting themselves and their credibility on the line.

The vast number of YouTube reviews for hCG have been positive, with people speaking out to the success they have had with the 500-calorie diets and hCG injections from
As Seen Through Testimonials

Testimonials are less trustworthy then Youtube or as seen on TV because they can be anonymous and faked. However, they have a wider range of experiences and are hence worth reviewing. As seen with Youtube, the majority of people who used hCG spoke to success. Sticking with the diet seemed to be the hardest thing for many of them to do. In addition, many of the negative reviews of the hCG diet involved people either getting counterfeit products or not being able to stick with the diet.
So, there you have it. The majority of people out there have reported success with hCG, with a vocal minority complaining about the wide number of counterfeit products out there as well as the difficulty of sticking with a diet. If you are interested in hCG, consult your doctor, and figure out if hCG is the best way for you to help yourself get into shape. Until then, good luck!