iPhone 6S

The iPhone is probably one of the most popular mobile phones on the market today. If you ask someone what an iPhone is they would always point you towards Apple’s offering.

Although iPhones are notoriously pricey, I think that it is warranted since it offers a lot of really good features such as the iOS 9, a really nice camera with a lot of features, and a lag-free experience when using the mobile phone.

So, without further ado let’s talk about the mobile phone. The design of the iPhone 6S is quite similar to that of its predecessor (the iPhone 6) with some slight variations. The iPhone 6s is a little bit slimmer and it is now made by what Apple calls the “7000 series Aluminum”.

This type of aluminum material is quite sturdier than the predecessor’s chassis. This is also because of the various reports that the previous iteration of the iPhone bends under too much pressure (which is a bad thing, by the way).

The glass of the iPhone 6S is also now reinforced. In fact, Apple states that the iPhone 6S is made of a more durable glass that can even protect it from drops and impacts. Although I wouldn’t drop a mobile phone that is pricey, it is a rather bold claim by the mobile phone company.

The display of the iPhone 6S is like a dream. The colors are so vibrant that you would think a laminated photo was put inside it. Although it does have a little bit of limitation as the mobile phone does not have a dynamic contrast ratio in that some blacks look gray. Still, the screen is vibrant and it really offers a very nice color reproduction across the board. Streaming media with the iPhone 6S will be a sure treat.

There are new technologies being introduced in Apple’s latest mobile phone offering. One of these features is called the 3D touch. Since recent iPhones have introduced the pinch to zoom feature, Apple added another functionality that allows you to “poke” into apps. This means that you can press and hold an app and it will give you a list of options that a certain app has to offer. For example, if you poke a note-taking app, it will give you the option to either create a new note or make a new sketch.

Another key feature that was added to the iPhone 6S is the inclusion of a trackpad that Apple calls the “Mighty Pad”. All you have to do is long press on any section of the onscreen keyboard and the characters will slowly fade away. You can now use the trackpad to swipe or draw things you want to convey.

In every iteration of the iPhone, Apple always includes a new chipset in their flagship mobile phones. The iPhone 6S comes with the A9 chip that is leaps and bounds better than the A8 chip. For one, it offers the best performance to battery ratio in that you will be treated to a lag-free experience while also saving up on the battery.

Last but not the least is the mobile phone’s camera. The iPhone 6S’ camera is like its predecessor but it now includes a Live Photo feature that allows you to take more photos 1.5 seconds after you’ve taken one. After that 1.5s window, the mobile phone will then create a short video out of it so you can have the best moments in your life captured by the camera. It is not a new feature in the mobile phone world, but its integration is seamless and problem-free.

The iPhone 6S is one of the most expensive mobile phones on the market today but the price to performance ratio is quite good and you will never go wrong with this mobile phone.