iOS 9

Each and every year, both Google and Apple create new operating systems for their respective platforms. Android is more open source it lets developers chime in to bring in more features for the Android platform.

But, Apple, on the other hand, has a different take in how they create their operating system. It is not open-sourced, meaning that all of the changes are made by the company themselves.

Today, we are going to talk about the iOS 9, the latest Apple operating system for their mobile phones. Each new version of the iOS brings with them major revisions and, of course, new features to the table.

One major revision of the iOS 9 is the improvement of Siri. Siri is the Apple’s virtual assistant and you can ask her anything. Apple states that Siri is now more intelligent and she is now more accurate. So accurate, in fact, that Apple said that she is now 40% more efficient than previous iOS versions.

A scenario of how intelligent Siri is in this version is when you are in a calendar app or you’re browsing a webpage. Then, tell Siri to “remind me of this”, and Siri will save the date (if you’re in the calendar app) or Siri will save the webpage (if you’re in a browser).

Siri is not the only thing that has been changed in iOS 9. There are new and improved apps that are also added with the major update in the mobile phone operating system. There is now a News app that you can add to the home screen. If you are fond of reading the news through different websites, this new News app will aggregate News from multiple sources so you now have one convenient news hub.

Save yourself some time from getting all the latest scoops in sports and business because this app will let you create your own set of categories. This is much like News360 in Android (also a news app), only better.

There is also a revision made to the Notes app. The notes app is now more intuitive and it has more functions baked in. You can now add to-do lists easily and you can also add photos, web links, and maps into your notes as well. And best of all, the new Notes app can be linked with the iCloud service so all of the saved notes, to-do lists, and many more are now saved online.

Are you fond of using Google Maps? Apple now has a Maps app of their own. It is also intuitive and depending on where you are, you can actually use the Transit view where it will show train stations, trains, subways, and buses in your location.

Learn the best possible route using the new Maps app because it is now more accurate than ever and it can even compete with Google Maps.

The iOS is the latest operating system for Apple Mobile Phones. This operating system is supported by iPhone 5s and later versions of the mobile phone.