High quality music from Beats By Dre

The Beats by Dre headphones outdo all other competitors, the likes of Sony and RXD. So, what makes this headphone gain the favor of most people?

Why so clear?

Apart from being trendy and fancy, the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones also have a technological beauty. Unlike other headphones, this masterpiece boasts a re-booted, twin-mode noise-filtering circuit. This feature ensures steady rhythm, with one setting aimed at music listening and the other at providing you with an aggressive output sound. Therefore, do not feel a pinch, or oppressed when you pocket out $245 to have such a set, since the result is indeed worthy r4 3ds.

The bass

Moreover, their threat of monopolizing the stereo industry is wanting, due to their perfect bass. These headphones have one of the best sound re-voicing, by equally pulling the bas back a bit-just a bit-because these headphones for sure sound nothing like any other prior version of the Studio. Many a times we may have used the likes of RXD and Sony stereo headphones and earphones. These may have been branded as having a dual-bass system. However, an ideal bass system is that of the Beats by Dre. The reason is that, whilst other headsets only have the bass being produced from one side, either the right or the left, the Beats Audio has bass amassing both speakers.

The midrange response

This happens to be one of its killer features. This may actually mean totally different things to different listeners. Statistics shows that as far as the vocals from the headphones are concerned, the Beats by Dr. Dre Studio does fine. The reason to this is that it has a balanced upper midrange and lower midrange, hence no biasing. For instance, the upper midrange for instance concentrates on the lower treble region, hence a smooth relaxing output.

Noise-cancelling performance

This is perhaps one of the qualities that consumers consider when selecting a sound system. The noise cancelling circuits tend to introduce an amount of hiss, which more often than not is overlooked by consumers. The set is capable of completely cancelling out noise from the exterior, no matter how loud the noise may prove to be. Moreover, the beat acoustic engine sets in when the headphones is turned on without the headphone cable plugged in. This gives the set an upper hand over other gadgets, which prove futile, in a noisy environment.

The sound quality

A headset may have all the requirements to be classified as one but all that matter, and the end determinant factor is the sound quality. Unlike other stereo, the Beats Studio doesn’t boom in the hoarse, ear-pricking manner. This is a good thing since the overall result will be a thick and pleasant sound. Electronic music does sound pretty good via the Beats Studio, since it manages to minimize the effects of the headphones’ sonic shortcomings. It would be unfair if you purchased something that in the long run I most likely to ruin you, don’t you think?


Evidently, these features make the Beats by Dr. Dre to be an exquisite invention, hence the reason as to why it is preferred by consumers to other gadgets. So, don’t hesitate to give them a shot.